All the staff were nice. Arrive & Race-April 2017


All staff were very accommodating and we started a little late but they still let us have our whole time. I’m always pleased with the service delivered here. Private Hire-April 2017


All was superb .. safety first with all induction and explaining. Private Hire-April 2017


Just the whole set up from the booking with catering for what we wanted being a stag do to the organisation and safety At the event made the day what we wanted it to be. Fun and enjoyable and nobody needed to worry about a thing. Full Grand Prix-April 2017


An excellent time karting has given me the bug to do more Full Grand Prix-April 2017


We did this as a work get together and couldn’t have been better. Thanks . Full Grand Prix-April 2017


Every other aspect at the event was carried out well, the only area for improvement might be the food- a healthy option is probably needed and possibly better quality and quantity of food. I personally would be happy to pay slightly more if that means better quality of food. The track staff were well organised and helpful. Full Grand Prix-April 2017


Swift change over of drivers between heats directed by the staff, very good Full Grand Prix-April 2017


Great afternoon, thanks.  Arrive & Race-April 2017


The race organisation was very good. I had a really good time but I don’t agree with your locker policy. I feel you should be able to get your pound back when you reopen it like you do when swimming. Some of the Karts were a little ropy. I used one in the final which vibrated terribly at max speed making it hard to control. There are clearly some faster than others too. Some padding in the seats wouldn’t hurt either! Generally, the event was a great success and even with the odd ropy kart, it wouldn’t put me off coming back for more.. Perhaps when the bruises have faded.. Full Grand Prix-April 2017


Everyone had a great time at the event last night – the staff were exceptionally helpful and polite – the whole event flowed really well – can not find fault!!!! – Thank you very much . Full Grand Prix-April 2017


I couldn’t really comment on the catering as we didnt have any of the food. We had a fantastic afternoon though, really well organised and would definitely come back. Mini Grand Prix-April 2017


Everything was very good. The only negative thing was that on one of the karts there was a piece of plastic/metal behind the steering wheel that got in the way of my hands while driving. Apart from that everything was very good and it was a very good experience. Private Hire-Mar 2017


The karts were excellent as were the staff helping us on the track. The young lady who welcomed us in and organised us was also very good and friendly. Private Hire-Mar 2017


Great fun but still suffering with back pain. Seats not sufficiently supportive for a tall thin driver but not to worry, was still great fun. Private Hire-Mar 2017


The guy with beard sitting at the desk sorted my Sikh mate with a balaclava. Much appreciation!  Private Hire-Mar 2017


The booking in took a long while, it would be handy if customers could pre-fill in their details on line in readiness for the event. Private Hire-Mar 2017


Swift change over of drivers between heats directed by the staff, very good . Full Grand Prix- Mar 2017


It would be good to see the fastest line around the track on the track layout, and perhaps some advise on how to go really really fast round the track, up on the wall. All of the staff were great! Thanks for a great night too. #Red Sparrow . Private Hire-Mar 2017


The whole party was very enjoyable for my son and the other children. The only issue was on checking in the lady (who was still very nice) was unable to find our booking and for a few minutes we believed we had been double-booked (in fact she was looking on the wrong screen). Staff accommodated changes to our party number easily. Kubz Party- Mar 2017


Reception man was helpful and to the point, speedy, made it easy . Kubz party-Mar 2017


Really enjoyed 1st experience of indoor karting. However, You could improve things by repairing a lot if the race overalls which look very tired, also offer racing tips and advice as well as the safety video. Arrive & Race-Mar 2017


Made us all feel so welcome and comfortable despite the competitiveness between us all however the staff happily joined in on it. Guy on the desk, bald head with trimmed facial hair was a top man! . Full Grand Prix- Mar 2017


We had a great time. Thanks to everyone. Arrive & Race-Mar 2017


Well run, well marshalled. Maybe slightly flag happy. Great event night. Full Grand Prix-Mar 2017


All round it was a superb party. The children had a great time and plenty of time on the track with the cars all being serviceable and the staff friendly and knowledgeable. The only observation is that the food was a little below par. I understand that it’s basic cash and carry stuff, but none of the boys were that thrilled with the meal. Feb 2017


The grand prix setup was extremely good as it didn’t fill like you were standing around for ages waiting for your next race. Feb 2017


Staff were friendly! Feb 2017


Keep going the same! Feb 2017


Very efficient preparing for next races and keeping the continuity going. Food choices could be better  Feb 2017


In the final i would remove the use of the blue flag for a more enjoyable race for all Feb 2017


Good team – well done! It was a first class experience that was enjoyed by the whole team- many thanks. – many thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  Feb 2017


All the Marshals and staff on the ground floor were great. Feb 2017


Considering the amount of people and start time. The event was organised and run smoothly (no hick ups). Maybe the only down side was the race distances. Maybe slightly longer :) Everyone on the night did well. From desk staff to marshals.  Feb 2017


Both the man on the reception desk and the steward for the party were great. Friendly staff and the children enjoyed the karting  Feb 2017


All staff were friendly and good  Feb 2017



The safety video was very thorough and easy to understand. It also helped to have a member of staff then summarise it once it was over. The two staff members who were paying attention to the track were very helpful, particularly with helmets and when we spun.  Feb 2017


The whole Grand Prix event organisation was very slick which reduced the waiting between each session.All of the staff were well organised, polite and professional  Feb 2017


All the staff were very helpful and pleasant.  Feb 2017


I have forgotten his name but the young chap who was marshalling my party was amazing! Although you were very busy with other people arriving when we turned up you were very calm and organised. The children had a super time I generally could not have asked for a better experience. Dealing with 11 children aged 5-6 years old plus parents is not an easy task. The food was spot on just what kiddies want and the birthday cake was a big hit, everyone loves a chocolate cake. The Dad’s of the party were slightly envious of there children so decided they wanted to kart as well and you accommodated them too-hat’s off to you!!! I definately see us returning in the future, not just for parties for your arrive and drive sessions too!! A MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and your team!! :)  Feb 2017


They were all totally customer focused and all added much to the overall experience. Feb 2017


I found the staff very happy and helpful and the whole evening flowed very well for us!!! The only small issue was the limited for and drinks option available…. can’t remember the name of young lad on the gate to pits – nothing was any trouble and very polite ?.  Jan 2017


All the staff were great and stood out.  Thought very professionally run with friendly staff, which makes a big difference. My only suggestion would be to give the kids some driving tips about the line to take etc after maybe their first go round . Jan 2017


The guys on track-side were particularly helpful.  Jan 2017


The owners granddaughter was very helpful and her advice helped a good number of people knock some time off their laps. . Jan 2017


The guy on reception stood out for me.  Jan 2017


Richard looked after us well.  Jan 2017


The person at the desk with the piercing was very helpful. Dec 2016


Friendly staff. Main issue was that we did 100 lap race and you could do with putting out something to indicate how many laps had been done .  Dec 2016


It was nice they tried to push our booking forward as we were told it was 30 later than we thought and I had to go. Yes had a nice time would come again. Would prefer the safety instruction to be by a person rather than just a video and add some enthusiasm as was a bit dull. Hair nets were a good idea disposable or fresh washed gloves would be nice. Also some more interaction from the staff saying have a great race! and some driving tips would be nice too.  Dec 2016


I am replying on behalf of the whole Waveney Tree Specialists team from Friday 16th December. They had a fantastic time and all came back in very high spirits – thank you .  Dec 2016


This was my second visit but first time racing anywhere. The staff member I had most contact with was the tall young man at the barricade who was very helpful to me. All staff were able to answer my questions or indeed volunteer help without being asked. This together with my total enjoyment of the whole experience means that you must all be doing something very right which does not need to change. I was the oldest at 64.  Dec 2016


Great team of organisers that all ensured everything worked like clockwork. The entire management team enjoyed the experience and all would highly recommend this facility. All of the staff were very friendly and professional .  Dec 2016


Great team and service. Great day .  Dec 2016


Very accommodating to our needs, thank you.  Dec 2016


Staff explained everything very well, and seemed concerned about each person. Everyone of the staff are first class Dec 2016


Excellent customer service by all the staff. All the staff were great! 10 out of 10 – Great track and cars. Keep up the great work  Dec 2016


The staff did their jobs well, I think everything went smoothly and as it should, not much to add but had a great time, see you in the new year.  Nov 2016


Enjoyable event and good staff. Small things – a bit annoying that the lockers “eat” your £1 every time you open them. Cold drinks were expensive. Nov 2016


Managing a large group of ppl was done well. The speakers in the main area weren’t working so that mean announcements couldn’t be heard.  Nov 2016


Great format for the 15P 15Q 30race. Not sure if qualifying actually worked out how we ended on the track though. Slower members didn’t get their full amount of laps.   Nov 2016


All the staff were very good   Nov 2016


I cannot remember her name but the lady assisting was very helpful  Nov 2016


The host marshall for our Kubz party was very enthusiastic, funny and friendly   Nov 2016


All the staff were great  Nov 2016


A great evening with excellent organisation. As soon as I had finished one race it seems as if I was then getting ready for the next. I think, though, that it may be wise to warn people when they leave that if they are driving, their cars will feel very de-sensitised & “wooly” so they need to take extra care. My car normally feels very positive & direct, but after the karts felt more like a boat. Oct 2016


Smart and courteous staff with good levels of attention.  Oct 2016


The tall young man who got us in and out if the karts was very good. Re: refreshment and catering – I wasn’t really aware there was any (although I didn’t ask, as I wasn’t hungry and brought my own water). Can’t really fault anything in fairness.  Oct 2016


Really friendly staff, who were most helpful as well as enthusiastic. Kart 7 was 2 seconds off the pace of the rest: great if someone faster than you was in it, crap otherwise.  Oct 2016


Good points staff very nice, karting was excellent and and overall the place fitted our requirements ok. I would suggest for larger groups the timings are altered as we overrun by a lot and would never have kept to two hours, Overall though very enjoyable day out. The lady who manned the front desk was very helpful and pleasant as were the marshalls Oct 2016


The amount of driving was really good but there was no time to relax!!!  Oct 2016


Well run event Oct 2016


I liked the results sheet emailed to me Quick turn over of races were good Oct 2016


 Absolutely brilliant party here on Saturday 8th October for my sons 7th birthday. All the parents commented on it being the best party they have ever been to. My only niggles that could be easily improved is the cake that was provided by yourself for my 7 year old son was a chocolate bear cake, which his friends took the mickey out of him for as was far too young for his age and a bit feminine. Also you did not provide a birthday candle for this cake either. My other niggle was that jugs of juice were not already in the party room and I had to request several times. 1st time I was told that juice doesn’t normally come upstairs until the food has come out which is 1 hour into the party when the children who have had time on the bouncy castle are so sweaty and hot and needing a drink. Also the bouncy castle has seen better days and rather leans to one side. Could also leave a bin in the room as well. These small points are only minor and could easily be rectified. Will definitely be back for another party next year on the big track !!! And I also know that several of the parents will be booking partyies here too.  All the staff were great… a brilliant birthday party.Oct 2016


All the staff were great… a brilliant birthday party  Oct 2016


The staff were extremely patient as my daughter struggled initially. She gave up on her first attempt but the marshall spent time with her afterwards and encouraged her to have another go which she did, so thank you.  Sept 2016


All staff were very polite and courteous. Well organised and no hold ups whatsoever – kept us all entertained as we never seemed to be too long without being in a kart – nice one.  Sept 2016


Would like to see more selection available of the xxl suits that weren’t broken. Apart from that we all had an excellent session and will definitely recommend it and will come back again  Sept 2016


All staff were friendly ( there was one exception in my opinion). Sept 2016


The staff were really helpful and really looked after our group of 10 boys. All the staff were really helpful and had the patience of saints, well done  Sept 2016


Sorry did not take names but they were all friendly and very helpful.  Sept 2016


All of the staff did a great job.  Sept 2016


All the staff were good. I thought the race overalls were worn as the velcro to the neck and belt would not remain closed. The refreshments what I could see was a selection of chocolate bars. Would have liked to have seen something healthier on offer.  Sept 2016


The marshalls on the track with the girls stood out for me.  August 2016



Had my sons party here and a work Grand Prix few weeks after, and both were brilliant. Loads of track time, very well organised Highly recommended!  July 2016



I haven’t been in years, before tunnel was done, and yes will be coming back sooner rather than later … had a fab time… all the staff were very professional.  July 2016


All the staff were friendly & helpful.  July 2016


Overall experience was good though I found the check-in took a fair while to complete. There were 18 in our party but I think everyone had already pre-registered and therefore the process could be streamlined. Karts and layout were good, staff helpful.  July 2016


All the staff were very good.  July 2016


Myself and some friends did a mini GP for my birthday it was great fun. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was really good value for our money, would love to do it again.  June 2016


Arranged races for 10 people overall in groups of 5. No delays in changeovers and we got the most from our booking. Staff were friendly and experienced.  June 2016


The whole team seemed friendly enough very happy with the event and would 100% do it again thanks. The staff gave us time to take photos we did not feel rushed which does happen sometimes at these type of events.  June 2016


I was delighted at how flexible the service was, and the emphasis on the customer and keeping everyone happy and enjoying their experience to the maximum. A friendly welcome, especially for the little ones and real kindness in letting us use your party room when we’d booked for private hire only and not the party package.  May 2016


Matt  was great – really likeable, easy to talk with and he was very good at ensuring everything went smoothly with our evening. Also the guy who did our food – we were a bit demanding and he looked after us really well. Generally a great effort by all. Thank you May 2016


All the staff were great  May 2016



My first visit here with a group of work colleagues. We all had a great time. All the staff were friendly and efficient. One of the karts didn’t handle very well, but was replaced after we told them about it. Good value for money. We will be back!! Thanks  May 2016


Simple check in Decent video, simple and not too long, good drinks choice sensible marshalling and good quality karts  May 2016


Excellent circuit  May 2016


We came for an adult Birthday party and didn’t have food but we all had a thoroughly good time! The only minor complaint I have was that it was a bit tricky finding a matching pair of gloves in the glove bin. The lady on the reception was very patient when we were trying to sort out our teams -sorry I can’t remember her name. Fantastic way to spend the afternoon.  May 2016


We really enjoyed how smooth the running of the evening was.  May 2016


In the safety briefing, it would be helpful for you to point out that driving home afterwards may seem a bit odd and to take care.  April 2016


Had a great time as was with a group for a stag day/night and the 12 of us had a great time you had the top 6 race off. But could of done say a 3 lap or same for us slow old boy who had never been before. Part from that keep on with more of the same. Great service by all staff I came in contact with.  Thanks for a great time  April 2016


Well organised and kept things moving along at a good pace. The guy in charge of the pits was very good. Everyone was polite and helpful.  April 2016


Staff were efficient and there was little time spent waiting. Exceptional service!  All were brilliant. April 2016


I’m so sorry – but did not get the names of the 2 main people hosting Zach’s birthday party on 17th Apr. They were excellent and deserve a special mention. Food was excellent and of a much better quality than expected as were the party bags. The cake was brilliant ! – and tasted good ! All who attended the party had an excellent time – and all say they will be back !  April 2016


An excellent choice for a party, was very impressed with food portion sizes, plenty to eat.All the staff were all fab, especially the lad who was forever nearly getting run over rescuing the crashed ‘kubs’   April 2016


An enjoyable evening but too expensive.  March 2016


All staff very helpful and friendly  March 2016


Although I only booked a private hire for one hour, the service was good and facilities were good too.  March 2016


So much fun!!  March 2016


Good facilities very helpful and friendly staff   March 2016


Felt safe and comfortable, was a good laugh! Didn’t catch their names, but all the gents who were working on 27/Feb from 7 were fab! Thank you! ?  February 2016


All the staff knew their stuff. The guy managing the pits was excellent.Very well organised and hosted. There’s a lot of confusion over timings and rankings through the evening with novices particularly being unclear how they’re performing. End of the day the aim is to have a lot of fun safely – which we did. Thanks very much for a good evening. February 2016


Friendly Staff. Good organisation. February 2016


All the staff were friendly, polite and helpful. We all had a great evening and the feedback has all been very good. We got loads of track time, much more than we had expected so that was great. The one and only area that could have been better was knowing your times and positions after each race. I know the races had quick turnarounds which was fine but by the time you got back to the viewing area your positions and times had disappeared from the screen so you had no idea how quick you had gone or where you had finished. it would have been good to have a second screen in the area where you could view this information. That’s all that could have been better, everything else was great, thanks.  February 2016


The staff that turned the teams around on track were very helpful and quick at doing so and very friendly, my only bug bear was some of the guys racing were a bit harsh when the rules say no contact they didn’t listen and some of the slower drivers were getting rimmed quite often which I saw and it would of been good to see them side lined for a lap for ramming so much apart from that all was perfect. February 2016


Emailing all the lap times and results is great. Stops any arguments at work. Chips were great too. February 2016


Some karts was really bad. As in braking, turning and taking off. I think these should be looked in to and fixed so that all karts as all the same there for its a fair race.  February 2016


Great except for no candle with the cake and no one told me to bring one with me. February 2016


Jack was excellent, we had one child in the party who was unsure. He took the time to do a short one on one with him to gain confidence and then the child was more than happy to join in. February 2016


Everyone was super friendly and helpful.Faultless!  February 2016


Staff were friendly and it was busy. However, nobody was on top of things, we had to chase everything from the seeing the safety video to getting drinks for the children. The party room was dirty from the last party. February 2016


All the staff were Brilliant! January 2016


All the staff were all equally excellent, very polite and professional.! January 2016


The staff were well organised and very polite, everything ran smoothly as it could the staff couldn’t have done any more to help as it was all there! January 2016


The whole experience was great. our little ones loved their time upstairs on the small karts. As this was a seventieth birthday bash for my husband I thought the others might take pity on him and let him win – in your dreams springs to mind!! we all had a great time and as I don’t drive I enjoyed it the most! All the marshals were great, our grandson was a bit lunatic but they took care of him and kept him as safe as possible. January 2016


Superb 1 hour private session, really friendly staff, cannot fault anything other than having to finish and leave after the session had finished. Could have happily stayed all day!All the guys were great and wouldn’t put one below the other. Credit to you all. January 2016


All the staff were really welcoming and were quick at changing plans. I can’t be sure, but I don’t think it was planned for adults and kids to go out at the same time, but they realised that the grown-ups would be considerate to the younger family members (which we were!) and this made for some great post race banter. January 2016


Sorry I did not catch anyone’s name, but the staff on Saturday afternoon (23rd Jan) were very courteous and attentive, because we had a very mixed group with very different abilities. Good track design – this was my first attempt at karting and I liked the change in elevation. January 2016


We had a great time. Thanks for being patient with us! January 2016


Drinks arrived about 45 mins after food, and the food wasn’t great. Everything else was good! January 2016


Fantastic event!! Thanks to Keith and staff!! January 2016


WHAT AN AMAZING DAY ! Thank you for putting on a great day for us, everything went smoothly I had a great time. The team were flawless so thank you! (Food was a bit cold but that didn’t ruin the day!) I’ll definitely be bringing as many friends and family here as soon as possible! January 2016


Everybody enjoyed the Kubz party and everything went very smoothly, you may need to buy a new coffee machine ,as it gave up under the strain of all our tea drinking, staff had to resort to boiling a kettle! All the staff were very helpful and polite. Special thanks to Jack for being so good with the kids even after they ran him over. January 2016


All the staff were wonderfully friendly and helpful. Keep up with the excellent work! January 2016


Relaxed about letting family members fill spaces on races when older relatives dropped out. Staff also gave youngest driver tips. January 2016


We cannot single out one individual. Fantastic team work from all the crew. Much appreciated. See you again next year!. December 2015


All of the staff did an amazing job. December 2015



All staff were good, two that were especially helpful were the guy on the front desk who took our payment and the bearded guy who sorted out the food for us. December 2015


Staff were good all round. December 2015


Thanks to all for a brilliant time. December 2015


Zack, was very polite, and a credit to your team! December 2015


The 2 guys who attended the track during race were great and a credit to the venue – please send a huge thank you from all of us. December 2015


Both the guys who looked after our group, They very very helpful and considerate throughout the session. December 2015


All the staff were very good. December 2015


Staff….superb. Especially the guy leading us to the karts, We have been coming to Anglia indoor karting sine 1990 and by far the 2015 was the best..No silly black flags on a little contact as were all get a bit competitive. Brilliant…see you Christmas 2016!! December 2015


We would suggest more choices of food and clearer explanation of how the event will transpire and clarification of race lap times and how positions are calculated December 2015


As soon as you finished the race the best lap times are removed straight away from the TV screen so you can’t check them. I appreciate you can get a print out but maybe two TV’s with ‘last race’ lap times on December 2015


Kept the communication with the leader going which was great. December 2015


It was very smoothly run, and (from a ladies perspective) not all ‘blokes’, as I’d imagined it might be. Staff were very courteous and helpful, especially lovely Jack who worked really hard all evening and never stopped being nice to everyone December 2015


Whenever we asked a question it was serviced with a reply or direction so this was good. The food needs to be a lower price, I would say £6 was steep for the meal experience I had – more like £4 would be better. TV sound was low in briefing room. First crash helmet was sweaty from previous driver, but there where plenty to find a dry one. Having a results of the last race screen in the outer area would be good, we didn’t realise you could see he results from each race in the viewing area until one of us when to the toilet. I didn’t realise that you printed out a sheet for each driver and left it on the counter. I wasn’t aware (as I was not involved with the booking) how many laps I was going to be doing for the first race. The five balloons as it was a party “that will do” was quite funny and caused a laugh. The safety seems well ordered. No one was allowed out of the Kart until we had all come in and stopped. The lighting on the track is great, The slope and raised section is neat. Marshals seemed very attentive. Plenty of parking and well lit car park. Toilets are clean and very suitable. Loved the email with my results, but not much marketing/calls to action on them to “come again” You actually ask for feedback – well done you, for asking!Very impressed with the service from start to finish. Thank you very much for such an entertaining corporate event. November 2015


Very impressed with the service from start to finish. Thank you very much for such an entertaining corporate event. November 2015


The whole experience was great. The karts were well looked after and all staff were fun. November 2015


Excellent service from initial phone call through to day , very friendly and helpful . Booked private hire for hubby’s 60th birthday and everyone said what a great time they had , Sorry cannot remember the guys name , but he took the order for the food couple days previous and was very helpful on the day getting everyone to sign in and generally being not only very good at giving us instruction but extremely nice with it , great chap . Thank you so much November 2015


Manager was very helpful at time of booking. Would have liked children’s details put into system by staff or been able to do it before the day maybe online as took sometime and boys didn’t know their addresses etc. Also not much interaction from staff other than on the track. Also minor moan but website said pizza’s were 12 inches. On phone told they were 9.5 inches and on day told they were 10 inches. Very hard to calculate how many were required when nobody seemed to know how big they were. These are silly moans as my son thoroughly enjoyed his party and we will definitely be returning and recommending. November 2015


It was a very good night enjoyed it all at work keep talking about the night so that in itself speaks volumes cheers. November 2015


Sorry don’t know your names but you all did a good job.! November 2015


Very impressed with the whole set up – from the welcoming hot chocolate on arrival to the kind lads who gave the birthday boy the opportunity to do a lap by himself – to get over his fear! Thank you!! November 2015


Sorry didnt catch his name, but was impressed with pit marshall’s focus on safety, every driver being checked for helmet straps being securely fastened and use of visors, a point quite often overlooked by many other centres.November 2015


All members of staff were very helpful and the marshals worked very hard and were great with the kids given the standard of driving!October 2015


Guy on reception who greeted us and got all the forms filled in really did seem to care, which was nice. All other staff were good as well, although perhaps not as talkative/informative. Kept me informed of potential delay…offered food first to plug the gap if needed…thoughtful towards the customer experience. October 2015


My daughter and all her friends had a brilliant time. We loved the relaxed attitude of the staff and we never felt rushed to finish or leave.All staff members couldn’t have been more helpful. The lady that cooked our food did a brilliant job and so helpful throughout the party. October 2015


Great welcome and given tips on getting round the track. October 2015


Good evening and staff very good. Will be returning in December. October 2015


Kids had a great party – even though it was running late they still had a great day. October 2015


Really helpful service from Admin through to race marshals. October 2015


We came straight from work and needed to be at work again the next morning, so having plenty of hot and tasty pizzas to eat between races, where we could view the races in progress was excellent – we have had disappointing food and slower service when we have gone out to a restaurant as a group in town, so the quality of the refreshments during the racing was a wonderful surprise. Please pass on our thanks it was a great evening. September 2015


All the staff were very helpful. September 2015


When the GP started it was well managed by the staff and we enjoyed. Chris I think was the lead. September 2015


The staff were all very polite and helpful which helped us to have a great evening. September 2015


As mentioned previously, everyone made us feel welcome. September 2015


All the staff we were in contact with before and during the party were great. September 2015


The organiser and overall everyone I dealt with was fantastic. September 2015


The lads sorting the karts were great and very understanding – thank you to you all! September 2015


The Marshall on the kids circuit was fab, thank you – think his name was Jack. September 2015


Everyone was outstanding, but the lads preparing the karts and getting our group into place so we were always ready for the next race and the young man, not sure of his name, organised us excellently. August 2015


The kids were helped well by the staff to get used to karting and they kept a good eye on them whilst they were on track. Adults had a good race, log in process was painless for kids and adults. The older guy that logged us all in was very helpful and also the lady that did drinks but most of all the track staff when the kids were out were great  August 2015


We were a family group of 11 celebrating my sons 21st birthday and we had the track to ourselves which was brilliant. Staff very accommodating and helpful regarding some of the party’s special needs. We felt very welcome & well taken care of  August 2015


The two guys who worked on the circuit had a thorough night and were very safety concious . A great night had by Ipswich Alpha Explorer Scout Unit  July 2015


Both of the marshalls were great help and very informative  July 2015


Front desk staff particularly good. Race marshalls keep everything moving well. Good attitudes too  July 2015


Attitude of the staff was great. And loved the night. Will come again as always  June 2015


The staff were welcoming and made a relaxed atmosphere. This made the event more enjoyable    June 2015


Loved it, great set up with different heats and semi-finals etc, really excellent day. Everybody working today was brilliant, thanks!    June 2015


Young lady on desk and sorting food was very helpful and pleasant  May 2015


The staff are young but very helpful.    April 2015


The Boss was really easy to listen to and all the staff were fantastic, my comments are constructive, I had a fantastic evening and will pop in again, I’ve asked Andrew to make it at least a 2 time a year event.  April 2015


The whole team were outstanding. Totally enjoyable from the booking in, to the food after the racing. The racing speaks for itself totally brilliant we will be back.  April 2015


Everyone on the team that day played a part in making out booking a success. Like the firm control at the briefing, everyone knew where they stood. The fact that our party arrived late on Easter Sunday, the team was very kind to extend the time at the other end, hugely appreciated by all. A brilliant time was had. Thank you   April 2015


The event worked well for us (a corporate social event). We were able to control the timing of the different sessions (so there wasn’t any waiting around unnecessarily). We were dealt with quickly and efficiently, both staff members did a good job.   Mar 2015


Staff were friendly and helpful.    Mar 2015


All well organised and marshals where good !   Mar 2015

Mrs P

The man getting the children sorted into their cars was very helpful explaining everything and also made sure the two groups had equal time even though it meant over running slightly. Mar 2015


Good all round afternoon lot of fun    Feb 2015


Video at start was really useful and detailed, everything was really smooth and the staff worked quickly so you were never waiting around. Also the staff coming round to see who was in the next race was really helpful too. They also sorted out all problems really quickly like when we crashed during the race or if we had problems with our karts before we set off.    Feb 2015


All staff were above acceptable in the way they conducted themselves    Feb 2015


Edward is very helpful and did his upmost to ensure that we were all happy and well looked after.  Jan 2015


Extremely helpful and friendly staff     Jan 2015


Great attitude from staff . Very well organised. Felt really safe – especially as we had kids! Karts and equipment all in really good condition. Perfect!   Dec 2014


All the team were very positive and helpful :-)    Dec 2014


Not sure of any names (sorry), but all of the staff working Saturday night were great! Definitely will be back. Keep the emailing of race data!!  Dec 2014


All of the staff were a great help!    Dec 2014


All of the staff were great    Dec 2014


A very entertaining experience, with a great time had by all. We were well looked after, thanks!    Dec 2014


Really good fun Everybody enjoyed themselves     Dec 2014


Excellent service, friendly staff and perfect facilities for our football team Christmas party. Thanks.    Dec 2014


This is not the first time I’ve organised an event with you for my friends and won’t be the last, all my friends can’t wait for the next time , always have a great time , many thank again see you early feb regards mark    Dec 2014


The turn over between races was sometimes quite quick, but the amount of races in the Grand Prix was really good for the sense of an overall competition.    Dec 2014


Keep it up. Maybe expand 😉    Dec 2014


Brilliantly organised. All 10 of us really enjoyed our time there. It was my sons 16th birthday and to see him and his friends buzzing was fantastic.     Dec 2014


Continue the great customer service. There always seemed to be plenty of staff around to help get us organised and ready for our heats. Even though we crashed quite a bit, it didn’t take long for someone to find us and put the cart back on track. I also liked the commentary during the heats.    Dec 2014


They were all very friendly and helpful, apart from the one that black flagged me!    Nov 2014


We all liked the down to earth style of all the staff, nice people who were welcoming and friendly. Thanks :)    Nov 2014


All were very nice. The guy on the desk who checked us in was very friendly and chatted afterwards to everyone.    Nov 2014


An excellent experience of all thank you.     Nov 2014


Races were organised and things kept ticking over at a good pace. The emails of the race details were good though showing actual best lap time would be nice.     Nov 2014


We had the most amazing time, thank you. We’re all nursing aches and bruises this morning!    Nov 2014


Did the Grand Prix on a Friday night, had an excellent time, well organised and no waiting around, looking forward to going again    Oct 2014


We would like to thank Jay and his support team keeping everyone on the track throughout the racing, it was great fun and will be back for another event will also recommend.    Oct 2014