Below are some of the questions we are most commonly asked, however if you do not find the answer to your question then please feel free to contact us.

Can you explain the different formats to me?
Arrive and Drive /Private Hire: Practice your driving skills and race against the clock to see who has the fastest lap time of the session.

Grand Prix/ Mini Prix: Individual Race format starting from the Grid to win points with your finishing position. Top Scoring drivers progress through to the next round of the event to eventually determine the events No.1 Driver

100 lapper: Race from a grid start, against your friends, to see who can clock up 100 laps in the quickest time. A non-stop test of endurance and skill

Enduro: Compete against friends and colleagues in a non-stop team race event to see which team can achieve the most laps in the given time. You must decide the best pit stop and driver strategy for your team.

Can under 16’s take part in race format events?
Yes – we organise Kids Activity Days and Cadet Club Championship which allows the under 16’s to race against other young drivers. Under 16’s are not able to race in events against adults.

Is karting safe?
We take the safety of all our customers very seriously. Karting is first and foremost a non-contact sport, but obviously there are risks associated with racing. As a founding member of the National Karting association we ensure that our circuit is set up and maintained to minimise the associated risks.

All drivers will watch a comprehensive safety video and we provide all the safety equipment that you need. Young drivers or those with additional needs will be spoken to by a marshal to make sure that they understand the briefing. Their control of the kart will be assessed prior to leaving the pit lane and where necessary the speed of the karts will be restricted for less confident or inexperienced drivers.

Driving standards are monitored throughout the session and any drivers causing concern will be spoken to and given advice if necessary. Any drivers whose driving is a danger to themselves or others will be removed from the session.

I’ve never done karting before ... do I need lessons?
No – our karts are designed to accommodate novices as well as the more experienced racers. Indoor karting is a great introduction to the sport. The control of the karts is by two pedals, an accelerator to go, and a brake to stop (and obviously the steering wheel!) There are no gears to worry about and you decide the speed that you want to go at. If you haven’t been to the track before  you will watch the full saftety briefing and staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have. In no time you will be challenging your fellow racers for the best lap time!

Why can’t I pre book Arrive and Drive?
Arrive and Drive is scheduled around our pre booked race events. The availability for Arrive and Drive changes from week to week and can only be confirmed 48 hours in advance. At this point we then open the bookings for Arrive and Drive. Prior to this we can give you the likely availability but this is subject to change. If there is a group of 10 + of you wishing to do Arrive and Drive then you may want to consider the Private Hire option which can be pre booked.

Do I have to bring any special clothing to wear?
We provide the race suits, gloves and helmets. All drivers are required to wear a balaclava so please bring yours with you. If you do not have a balaclava don’t worry you can purchase one from reception for £2 on the day of your event.

What about footwear?
All we ask is that you wear flat shoes, such as trainers, that fully cover your feet. Flip flops/ ballet pumps etc. are not suitable footwear and you will not be able to race if you are wearing these.

Are there any medical restrictions that would prevent me from driving?
Karting is not recommended for people with an illness, disability, medical condition (e.g. epilepsy, heart condition, back problems), pregnancy or injury that could affect their ability to drive. If your condition prevents you from driving on the road then you are also unable to drive with us.

What events can we do as family group that includes children?
Family groups can take part in Arrive and Drive, including Private Hire.

I am over the age of 8 but under the height of 1.27m – can I still race?
Unfortunately due to the size of the kart you do need to be at least 1.27m tall, with a minimum inside leg of 26″ to be able to reach the pedals. If you think you are close we can assess you in a kart as your leg length may be longer than average, but generally if you are not at the minimum height you will not fit the kart.

What about food?
We have an onsite cafe providing delicious basket meals, freshly cooked pizza’s, nachos and a variety of drinks and snacks. If you wish to provide your own event food a £25 surcharge will be payable.

Covid-19 Update

Following the recent government announcement regarding Covid-19 it is with great sadness that we have no choice but to temporarily close the centre with effect from Saturday 21st March.

We are currently contacting those who have events booked with us from now until the end of April, however we do  not have a large back office infrastructure so this will take time and we appreciate your patience.

Your support would be hugely appreciated in this difficult time. We would still love to host your event when we reopen and will be offering additional track time to those that are willing to postpone their event rather than cancel. We are a small independent business, facing unprecedented times and we have been touched by the support from other businesses and individuals during the past week. If you are happy to postpone your event please reply to this email and we will record this and contact you as soon as we reopen to reschedule.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we can be back racing with you soon.

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]